You have invested time and resources into building a website with proper coding practices and effective use of keyword terms throughout the site. Yet despite these efforts, when you search for your keyword phrases your competitors still come out on top in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

That’s where our SEO Competitive Analysis service comes in.

To appear in the top ten SERPs (generally the first page of search results) for a target search term, you must displace one of the existing results. Effectively optimizing your site for placement in the top ten of a search engine results page requires a solid understanding of who your competitors are for those top spots and what they are doing to achieve their results.

In our Competitive Analysis, we will do the following:

  • Identify the Competition
    Using the keyword phrases for your business or organization, we will identify who your competitors are in the SERPs. They could be a competing business, or simply information pages (i.e. a Wikipedia entry that discusses all products similar to the one your business sells) that provide overviews of the keyword phrase being searched for. We will consult with you to discuss prioritizing your list of competitors for the top SERP.
  • Keyword Analysis
    We will look at keyword phrases being used by your organization and compare them with the ones in use by your competitors. This allows us to better understand which phrases you should emphasize and which ones are less important for your website.
  • Link Analysis
    We will look at who is linking to your competition and why. We will analyze their strategies for boosting links to their site, and provide you with specific recommendations for how to gain the edge over your competition for in-linking to your site.

We will prepare a detailed report that includes an executive summary of our findings, an overview of your competition and what phrases they are using to optimize their site, and an analysis of who is linking to your competitors and why. We will also provide specific recommendations and suggestions to help propel your site past the competition to the top of the SERPs.