In the Office

Frank joined David Minton and Robert Weeks to create DesignHammer in 2001. As the agency's Chief Designer, he oversees the design team and is the lead creative in design strategy, building wireframes, creating design concepts, general website theming, and graphic design. In addition, he helps with project management, client consultation, and performs site maintenance. Frank is particularly adept in Drupal and WordPress theming, the full Adobe Suite, Sketch, and more.

Professional Background

After spending years helping his dad in his small, family-owned auto body shop in New York, he attended State University of New York and graduated with a BFA in Graphic Design. Upon graduation, he started work as an assistant designer at Vassar College under the mentorship of his esteemed professor, George Laws. His experiences at Vassar would earn him an invaluable education in typography and the world of graphic design. This inspired Frank to continually strive to better himself as a designer.

Looking for a chance to grow and start a family, Frank and his wife decided to relocate to North Carolina. Before founding DesignHammer in 2001, he worked as a web designer at both RTI International and NetworkArts.

Out of the Office

Frank is passionate about many things in life, most of which revolve around his family and his love of beer and movies. A cherished experience for Frank is to grab a cold one and to explore new design, Drupal, and WordPress concepts after hours.

An advocate of continuous design knowledge, Frank is interested in continuously progressing his design skills by following web design industry leaders on Twitter and exploring new front-end techniques. He will also integrate a recent movie design concept into production, and is the King of the Random Slack channel at DesignHammer.

Frank's Blog Posts

June 27, 2022

I always enjoyed superhero comic books as a kid. I especially loved Spider-Man. The fun, joy, and feeling that this could be a job l love to do motivated me to pursue design as a vocation. Working in corporate settings doesn’t mean I can’t still enjoy design. Let’s talk about why.

May 25, 2022

Here at DesignHammer, everyone has something that they like to "geek out" about. In honor of Geek Pride Day, here are some of the things that really send our staff down the proverbial rabbit hole.

June 30, 2021

In honor of DesignHammer’s 20th Anniversary, we thought it would be neat to ask the DesignHammer team what they thought the DesignHammer logo represented.

June 17, 2021

Following up on our previous DesignHammer logo interpretation blog post, Part 2 of this mini-series provides an overview of what the word "DesignHammer" means to each of our staff members.

Frank's Projects

Railinc needed a creative web solution to help their newly rebranded commercial arm, "TransmetriQ", effectively convey their unique product value propositions to their target commercial audiences. DesignHammer built Railinc a Drupal 9 website with a custom theme to support TransmetriQ's new brand identity.

To support independent news organizations competing to keep up with mainstream media, UNC and Google News Initiative approached DesignHammer with the opportunity to construct an online database showcasing the location of surviving independent digital news organizations across North America.

Divers Alert Network felt their three outdated web properties lacked a consistent brand identity and weren’t effectively engaging their audiences. See how user engagement increased after DesignHammer consolidated them into a modern, user-friendly WordPress website with a custom design and mobile-responsive theme.

CED partnered with DesignHammer to transition their existing CMS from Drupal 7 to WordPress. The new website was equipped with a new theme and Salesforce Integration in order to reinforce their new customer engagement strategy.