Client Description

RTI Health Solutions is a non-profit organization founded in 2001 that provides clinical research and consulting services to biopharmaceutical companies. From their office in Durham, NC, RTI Health’s services consist of consulting in health economics, outcomes research, market access, epidemiology and drug safety. RTI’s academically-trained scientists are experienced in applying appropriate research methodologies to real-world applications and situations.

The Challenge

After DesignHammer had completed a website redesign project for RTI-HS, they wanted to move their website off-site in order to have control over the development and feature release process. The original website was developed and hosted in-house using ColdFusion technology.

The Solution

DesignHammer created a new website using the Drupal 7 CMS. Functionality was built to pull publications and research team data from their third-party CRM Vision. DesignHammer used continuous integration to pull XML files from RTI and the database from the RTI-HS production website and run content tests on a staging instance of the website. These tests ensure that migrated data is consistent before it reaches the production server. This system has allowed DesignHammer developers to make changes constantly while ensuring that the data on their website is always presented accurately.

The Results

The RTI test suite continues to run test builds every night and along with successful completions migrating the new and updated content over to Drupal. RTI has seemed confident that content migrated over to Drupal has been 100% correct. In the event of unsuccessful builds, DesignHammer and RTI receive error indications describing what exactly went wrong during the build. In turn, the client has sufficient time to correct the mistake during the day, allowing for a successful build that night.

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